Most Pushups in a Row

Doubtless, pushup challenges seem to be everywhere as people are wide awake to maintain their fitness. People who prioritize staying fit spare some of the time from their busy routines to get to their goals. Having a managed and scheduled workout routine keeps you active and strong. Moreover, it keeps up your endurance level. To estimate the endurance of the upper body, the pushup test is the best.

Here you learn about the people who made the most pushups in a row and set several records worldwide. Please give it a read and learn everything about pushups and forms.

Most Pushups in 30 seconds: 

Pushups in 30 seconds are one of the tests to check the endurance level. Many people out there claim to do more than 150 pushups in 60 seconds which is low for the world record pushups. YouTuber Stan Browney set a world record in 2020 and claimed to perform 53 pushups in 30 seconds.

Swiss athlete Roman Dossenbach set a Guinness World record for most pushups in 30 seconds. He performed 101 pushups in 30 seconds, claiming his 5th Guinness World record.

He also set down for most pushups in a minute by performing 2392 pushups in one hour and beating Carlton Williams and Charles Shepherd.

Most Pushups per One Minute: 

There are numerous claims about most pushups in one minute. Wikipedia lists Croatian Krunoslav Budiselic as a Guinness World record holder for doing 140 pushups in one minute.

However, another name that claims to have a Guinness World record of performing 152 pushups in one minute is Glen Tenove.

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When we search for the most pushup records in 60 seconds, there are many more people with a different number of pushups.

The website declares a Guinness World record of 192 pushups in 60 seconds. They don’t state such records now as it is impossible to judge the proper pushup with the ideal technique of body movements and positioning in less time at high speed.

Pushups in an Hour: 

The Guinness World record has noted down many records for the most pushups in an hour. In 2020, Jarrad Young of Australia performed 2,919 pushups in an hour at Matrix Boxing Gym, Queensland. He beat the official record of Carlton Williams from Wales, UK. His record was 2,220 pushups in one hour.

Here are some more previous world-record pushups in an hour. However, the number varies as per the techniques.

  • Bijender Singh of India jotted down a Guinness World record for most pushups in one hour, with an average of 64.4 pushups in one minute on 20 September 1988. It is counted as 3,877 pushups in an hour.
  • 2,476 pushups world record by Ged Musto in 1995 for most pushups in one hour.
  • Another record by a Canadian, Doug Prud, is 1,781 pushups in one hour in 2005.

Pushups in 24 hours: 

US athlete Charles Servizio noted a world record for 46,001 pushups in 24 hours on 24-25 April 1993. He stops after 21 hours and 21 minutes. However, his average rate for the pushups was 36 pushups per minute.

Most Non-stop pushups:

In October 1980, a Japanese man named Minoru Yoshida recorded the most non-stop pushups. He did 10,507 pushups and broke the previous official record of Henry C Marshal from the USA. He had a history of 7,650 that he set in 1977.

After some time, the Guinness World record stopped recording these non-stop pushups as it contains rest periods in between. Instead, they started to record pushups in 24 hours with as many rest periods as an athlete wanted.

Tips to Perform the Most Pushups in a Row:

If you want to get tamed for the most pushups in a row, there is no tip other than one that tip is “practice makes you perfect”. Here are some tips that can make you practice more pushups, making pushups an easy thing for you.

1.  Create a pushup routine:

Sticking to pushup practice and building strength for pushups is to set a suitable routine for yourself. Establishing a way for your pushups workout can save you from getting tired and maintain your strength and endurance.

2.  Set baseline Repetitions:

Find the number of repetitions you should perform in a set. For this, complete as many pushups as you can in two minutes and divide it into three. It gives you your baseline repetitions, meaning you should perform three sets of this number of pushups every time.

3.  Start with Basics:

Warm up before you start with different basic workouts. Perform the pushups with the set baseline repetition count and, after some time, set another baseline repetition.

4.  Add Variety:

You can improve your pushup rate by adding variety to it. For this, you can change your hand placement position and more. This change in body position increases or decreases the intensity of the exercise.

5.  Add up in Resistance Rate:

To add resistance to your workout, elevate your feet while doing pushups. Moreover, wearing a weighted vest or fitted backpack with sandbags can play this part.

6.  Rest and Recover:

If you practice pushups till fatigue, it can result in decreased endurance and strength. Thus, get yourself a rest time to recover.

7.  Some Other Pushup Tips:

Below are other tips to consider if you want to increase your pushup average. Follow them and get the strength to do the most pushups in a row.

  • Maintain good form.
  • Rest period in between sets.
  • Log your workout to see your progress.
  • Don’t skip rest days if you are not fatigued.
  • Stop the exercise if you experience any pain.


To wrap up, numerous people have set records for the most pushups in a row. People have several Guinness World records for most pushups in a minute, an hour, 24 hours, and many more. For this, it is essential to get yourself into a workout routine.

A set workout routine can train your body to the extent that can assist you in setting the records like this.

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