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If you are looking for sports that begin with the letter T, you have come to the right destination. Surround yourself with a suitable game as per your interest and choice, adding thrill to your life. Moreover, engaging in several sports is essential to stay healthy and energetic. More than 800 sports beginning with T include tennis, table football, taekwondo, and many more.

As there are many more T sports, here you get to know about them with some of their essential descriptions.

1. Table Tennis

The first sport on this list of sports beginning with the letter T is table tennis. Also known as Ping Pong, Table Tennis is one of the most popular indoor games the Chinese have dominated for the last two decades. Originating from England, this game is played in almost all regions of the world.

table tennis

Game’s Requirements

In Table Tennis, a rectangular table splits with the help of a net from its center. On each half, a marker line breaks the half into two boxes.

The length of the table is 2.7m, with a width of 1.525m raised to a certain height from the ground. The players hit a light plastic ball back and forth with a small racket known as a bat or paddle.


The match starts with a serve that is required to land on the box opposing you. Each shot should bounce on the opponent’s table side before the hit. Serve as the only shot that should reflect on your side of the table.

Points are rewarded to the player if the opponent fails to hit the shot back. The game is played in seven sets, each for 21 points with a differential of 2. One who first won the four sets won the match.

2. Table Football

A tabletop game loosely linked with association football, table football is also known as table soccer or Foosball.

It started in the UK and till now spread its roots in many countries all over the globe.

Rules and Regulations

A typical football table has eight rows, each having one or more figures known as foosmen mounted on it.

table football

Four rows and 11 foosmen belong to one team. The principle of table football is to put the ball in the goal on either side of the table using the foosmen mounted on the rows.

Formats of Game

Foosball can be played in two formats, single or double. Major competitions all over the world are played in a single form. In this, all eight rows are controlled by a single player. However, in double format, one player controls two rows on the offense side while the other controls the two defense rows.

Matches are already fixed for the number of goals.

The person scoring the set goals wins the game.


Single’s World Championship is the highest level competition that conducts table football of each type.

Global Association of International Sports Federation marked it the official sport in 2017 by passing the International Table Soccer Federation.

3. Taekwondo

A martial game that originated in Korea, Taekwondo is known to be a combination of Tae Kyon and others.

According to World Taekwondo Federation, it is a shared effort of nine to suggest the term “Taekwondo.”



In the 1940s and 1950, some Korean martial artists developed this sport. It is a blend of different fighting styles, including subak, taekkyon, and gwonbeop, with the impact of foreign fighting styles like karate and Chinese martial arts.

However, there are several speculations about who coined the name for this game.

Rules and Game Format

The game permits the players to give as many kicks and blows to the opponent in the allowed areas.

A hit on the body gives you one point, while a bang on the face makes you score two points. The match area should be 10 meters square mat.

4. Tennis

Next on our list of sports beginning with the letter T is tennis. It is one of the most well-liked sports that is played between single opponents or a team of two players.

It is also known as the name “Lawn Tennis.”

Game Rules

In this game, players use the racquet and hit the rubber ball over the net. It can bounce only once in the opponent’s court before the opponent hits the ball back over the net.

Furthermore, it is played indoors or outdoors with surface hardcore, grass, or clay. The tennis court should be 23.77 meters × 8.23 meters for singles and 23.77 meters × 10.97 meters for doubles.


There are traces of the origin of tennis in 12th century France. Louis X of France used to play this game which was modified into the real tennis that is popular nowadays. The source of modern tennis is England and Birmingham.

Famous Tournaments:

Four major tennis tournaments exist, including the Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon.

These tournaments are also known as Grand Slams.

5. Track Cycling

Track Cycling is a sport of bicycle racing disciplines, carried on velodromes or other steep surface tracks.

Athletes have specially made bikes with no brakes, only one front gear and the rear.


It is marked that track cycling started in the late 19th century. Track cycling originated when the first banked, quarter-mile-long loops of wooden track were built around 1870.

Track Cycling Formats

In sprint racing, the main focus is speed. It is usually shorter in length, around 8 to 10 laps.

Another format is Endurance racing which is generally longer in size, with 12 to 16 laps. The key focus is the endurance of the athlete.

For all the races, the rider or the team that crosses the marked line first is declared the winner.


Track Cycling is part of the Olympics; around ten racing track events are conducted for both men and women.

UCI Track Cycling World Championship is another major event conducted annually that holds races of 19 other tracks for men and women.


To conclude, there are numerous sports beginning with the letter T. Many are famous and being played worldwide.

Competitions are being held for these games all over the year. You can find the one that falls in your interest category and play in your leisure time.

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