Dan Bilzerian Workout Routine

What does Dan Bilzerian do? What is Dan Bilzerian workout routine?

Dan Bilzerian is among the most discussed social media personalities on various platforms. He is a poker player who is an incredible actor, a successful businessman, and a thriving Instagrammer. Dan often becomes the centre of attention venues of his lavish party lifestyle that he showcases through his socials. Dan’s life is about fun; partying, clubbing, expensive cars, massive guns, and many buxom babes. Although he is living the dream life of many people, he never neglects his health and makes sure to work out and consume a healthy diet to maintain his decent physique.

Dan started to pay attention to his health when he had two back-to-back heart attacks at 25. From then, he consistently remains active and eats clean foods for ultimate body longevity. Dan Bilzerian also shares his fitness videos on Instagram, inspiring his massive following of 33.5 million to focus on their bodies.

What is Dan Bilzerian height? This article covers Dan Bilzerian’s workout routine, diet plan, body statistics, and supplemental intake. Read along to also learn about his food preferences. Let’s dive in.

Dan Bilzerian Current Body Statistics

How tall is Dan Bilzerian? What is Dan Bilzerian weight?

Take a look at Dan Bilzerian’s current body statistics that will help you evaluate his incredible physique at a deeper level:

  • Age: 39 years
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Height: 5 ft. 8 inches
  • Chest: 45 inches
  • Waist: 34 inches
  • Biceps: 16 inches

Dan Bilzerian Workout Principles

Here is a brief list of Dan Bilzerian’s workout principles:

  • After trying out all types of training: bodybuilding, MMA, boxing, powerlifting, and SEAL training, Dan has concluded that weightlifting and martial arts work perfectly for him.
  • Dan Bilzerian likes to warm up using a stationary bike or treadmill for 15 minutes. It loosens up his muscles and lowers the risks of injury.
  • Since his goal is to improve his strength, he prefers exercises that mimic everyday-life activities.
  • Also, Dan Bilzerian refers to his training session over everything, so he plans his daily schedule around his workout regimen.
  • After a tiresome workout session, Dan Bilzerian takes an ice bath that helps him recover from muscle soreness.
  • Dan lifts heavy weights four times weekly and follows a split routine that targets each muscle group daily.

What Is Dan Bilzerian Workout Routine?

Despite having a busy schedule due to handling his multi-million business, Dan finds adequate time to hit the gym and perform high-intensity workouts. He is often seen working out with world-famous celebrities like John Skywalker and Bradley Martyn.

Moreover, Dan likes to switch up his routine now and then to ensure efficacy. Here is a complete breakdown of Dan Bilzerian’s weekly workout programs:


  • Barbell curls
  • Triceps skull crushers
  • Snatch
  • Clean and jerk


  • Overhead press
  • Lat pushdowns
  • Barbell rows
  • Back squats
  • Dumbbell flys


  • MMA training


  • Snatch
  • Lateral raises
  • Cable biceps curls
  • Triceps pushdown
  • Clean and jerk


1. Chest Workout:

Like all workouts, Dan starts off his chest workout by warming up. He does a high rep count for most of the following exercises for the prominent chest pump.

Here is Dan Bilzerian’s chest workout routine:

  • Body weight dips
  • Barbell bench press
  • Dumbbell chest fly
  • Alternating dumbbell bench press

2. Shoulder Workout:

Targeting all the shoulders muscles is a must to attain bulky shoulders like Dan’s. Follow the given shoulder workout routine that Dan pursues maximum outcomes:

  • Standing overhead press
  • Seated Arnold press
  • Standing barbell from raise
  • Incline dumbbell rear delt fly
  • Hanging dumbbell lateral raise

3. Leg Workout:

Dan Bilzerian fully understands the significance of leg day in a workout program. Muscular and robust legs bind your entire physique together and help in compound lifts. Also, properly warming up before executing a leg workout routine is necessary.

Here is Dan Bilzerian’s leg day routine:

  • Seated leg extension
  • Barbell squat
  • Donkey calf raise
  • Stiff leg dumbbell deadlift
  • Barbell walking lunge

4. Back Workout:

After warming up on a treadmill, Dan Bilzerian starts his back workout routine, focusing on building thickness. The principal target of Dan’s training is the lat muscles, as it helps build a broad upper back.

Take a look at Dan’s back workout routine that helps him grow his back muscles:

  • Dumbbell bent-over row
  • Standing lat push down
  • Close grip seated row
  • Wide grip seated lat pulldown
  • Weighted hyperextension

What Is Dan Bilzerian Diet Routine?

Due to a previous habit of drugs, Dan Bilzerian suffered from two consecutive heart attacks at a young age. However, he soon realized the importance of good health.

So, Dan has started consuming five to seven meals daily to reach his macro intake goal. He aims to take:

  • Low-medium fats
  • Low carbs
  • High protein

Dan has hired private chefs who prepare perfectly balanced and wholesome meals. Mostly, all of his meals are protein-centered. He takes all sources of protein foods like fish and meats.

He shared that he eats vegetables every three hours to satisfy his hunger. His diet contains many fibers, proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients.

Here is a complete breakdown of Dan Bilzerian’s meal plans:


  • Two whole eggs
  • Four egg whites
  • Oatmeal with veggies


  • Dry fruits
  • Pre-workout protein shake



  • Rice
  • Veggies
  • Salmon

Evening meal

  • Dry fruits
  • Protein smoothie


  • Turkey or Chicken
  • Rice
  • Vegetables

Foods Dan Bilzerian Avoids

Dan is quite conscious about his health, so he avoids the following unhealthy foods:

  • Processed simple carbs
  • Artificial additives
  • Sugar
  • Chemical ingredients
  • Fast food
  • Junk food

Does Dan Bilzerian Take Any Supplements?

To fuel up his gym gains, Dan Bilzerian relies on the following additional supplements:

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, we can deduce that Dan Bilzerian enjoys a life without limits. He has a successful business, a perfect body, and the healthy lifestyle everyone wishes for.

His journey from being a drug addict to focusing on his fitness motivates many youngsters to get out of their comfort bubbles and try new skills.

We can see that Dan Bilzerian stays consistent with his weekly workout program and diet regimen and avoids everything that could damage his soundness. Follow the Dan Bilzerian workout and diet routine if you want a physique like his.

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