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Jason Statham is an English actor and film producer. He is known for his roles in the Guy Ritchie crime films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Snatch (2000), and Revolver (2005). He has also appeared in films such as the science fiction film The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), the action film Crank (2006), and Spy Film (2015). In this article, we will be exploring his diet and workout routine to obtain a physique like his.

Who is Jason Statham?

Jason Statham has become one of the most recognizable faces among Hollywood action stars, and it’s easy to see why.

His fans can’t help but be in awe of his impressive physique, which he achieved through a rigorous workout plan comprising interval and strength training exercises that are upheld even when he isn’t filming and requires no more than a few hours each week.

Many draw inspiration from Statham’s dedication to fitness and combine it with their workout plans, hoping that they too will be able to keep up with the action star.

Jason Statham’s Workout Routine

Jason Statham’s workout routine consists of weightlifting, cardio training, and bodyweight training with high-intensity intervals.

His workout schedules are packed with high-intensity workouts that hold the heart rate up while burning fat and toning muscles.

The fitness philosophy is designed using a complex alternative approach to explosive movements.

One thing Statham likes most is a workout using his body weight.

Here’s the complete workout breakdown routine for Jason Statham.

Jason does seven exercises in this routine. He was warming up row for 10 minutes at a pace of 20 strokes per minute on a rowing machine.


Weightlifting is a great way to build muscle and strength. Jason Statham uses lifting heavy weights as a way to stay strong and ripped.

He lifts heavy weights for low reps to build muscle mass.

Cardio Training

Cardio training helps to improve heart health and burn calories. It is also great for improving endurance levels.

Jason Statham uses cardio training as a way to improve his cardiovascular health and stay in shape.

HIIT Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training with high-intensity intervals is a great way to burn fat and calories while also building muscle.

This type of training is very demanding on the body and requires a lot of focus and discipline. Jason Statham uses this type of training as a way to stay shredded all year round.

Jason Statham’s Diet

Jason Statham is an actor who knows the value of proper nutrition for athletic performance. He has developed a nutrition plan that helps him build and maintain muscle mass while staying energized throughout the day.

He follows a diet that includes:

  • nuts
  • beans
  • fish
  • chicken

This helps him to maintain lean muscle mass

However, he also allows himself to enjoy sweets like chocolate

For breakfast, he eats fresh fruit and oats, and sometimes poached eggs during the winter months. 

For lunch, he has brown rice with steamed vegetables and soup. For dinner at 7 p.m., he eats a meal that includes chicken, a vegetable salad, lean beef, and fish. 

Between meals, he snacks on peanut butter, high protein snacks, and nuts, and he drinks about three liters of water daily. 

Jason Statham’s workout and diet routine combines mental and physical discipline, which helps him maintain his chiseled body.

As we said, Jason Statham’s diet consists of protein-rich foods, vegetables, healthy fats, and intermittent fasting.

His diet focuses on whole food sources, such as lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Additionally, he periodically practices intermittent fasting as part of his bodyweight workout regime to keep his body fat levels low.

He credits this nutritional strategy with keeping him looking and feeling sharp all year round!

Protein-Rich Foods

Jason Statham consumes a lot of protein to help him maintain his muscular physique. Protein-rich foods include chicken, fish, lean beef, egg whites, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and protein shakes.


Jason Statham also consumes a lot of vegetables for their nutrient content.

Vegetables that he eats include:

Healthy Fats

In addition to protein and vegetables, Jason Statham also consumes healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, and nuts.

These healthy fats help to keep him satiated and provide him with energy.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a method of eating where you cycle between periods of fasting and eating (trusted source).

This method of eating is beneficial for weight loss, muscle gain, and overall health. Jason Statham uses intermittent fasting as a way to help him stay lean and ripped all year round.

How to Follow the Jason Statham Workout

If you want to follow the Jason Statham workout routine then there are a few things that you need to do to be successful.

First of all, you need to start slowly and gradually increase intensity as you get more comfortable with the exercises.

Secondly, you need to mix up exercises for variety and challenge so that your body does not get used to the same exercises day after day. Thirdly, you need to pay attention to form and safety so that you do not injure yourself while working out.

Fourthly, it would be best if you incorporated different types of workouts into your routine so that you do not get bored with your workouts.

Lastly, you need to find activities that are enjoyable and motivating so that you stick with your workout routine long-term.

What Do You Notice First?


Abs workouts can often come with the high-octane reputation of Jason Statham, yet readers should adhere to his plan for gradual and safe abs training.

To achieve maximum results, individuals will want to change up the type of abs workout they do so that their muscles don’t get stuck in a plateau.

Depending on desired abs development, this can take the form of balance board exercises, abdominal crunches, and even pilates for those looking to tone their abs. It is also important for individuals to find activities or exercises that are enjoyable and sustain motivation.

After all, abs workouts become much easier when a person enjoys what they’re doing! Making sure proper form is taken into consideration is important too – an abs workout done right will make all the difference in the end!

Reach Your Goals Faster

Jason is dedicated to his full workout routine and works just as hard in the gym as he does outside it.

jason statham workout

His goal-oriented activities help him build strength, endurance, and agility every day with a combination of weight lifting, cardio, and bodyweight training with high-intensity intervals.

He understands that maintaining a consistent yet challenging full workout routine can help him reach his goals faster and more efficiently. Jason pushes himself constantly, allowing him to make progress that inspires focus and dedication for the upcoming tasks.

Statham’s full workout routine includes the perfect blend of energy-blasting routines so he can get the best physical results – while still having fun!


Like Jason Statham, the best way to get ripped is by closely following his diet and workout routine. If you can do this then you will be well on your way to having a shredded physique like his!

Thanks for reading!

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