How Much Does A Trap Bar Weigh?

Trap bars are one of the most common gym accessories available in almost all gyms. This fantastic tool allows you to incorporate more power in your weight training and focus better on the muscles. Due to the increasing popularity of trap bars, you can also see them in many home gyms.

When using a trap bar for the first time, people may question how heavy a trap bar is. But, unlike Olympic or Powerlifting bars, trap bars do not have a standard weight.

For this purpose, we have assembled this ultimate guide about the weight of the trap bar so you know how much weight you are lifting to keep an accurate record of your training and accomplish your muscle-growth goals.

Let’s get started.

Are Trap Bar And Hex Bar The Same Tools?

People new to weightlifting often get confused by the name of this equipment. The terms “hex bar” and “trap bar” are both correct and can be used interchangeably. Here’s a brief explanation of why this bodybuilding tool has two names:

  • Hex bar: It is called a hex bar because of its 6-sided shape.
  • Trap bar: It is named trap bar because of its ability to perform exercises that focus on the trapezius muscles, i.e. deadlifts and shrugs.

What Is The Weight Of A Trap Bar?

Let’s find all the answers to your queries about the hex bar weight so that you know about it the next time you go to the gym.

Trap bars’ effectiveness in improving lifters’ overall strength without causing any bodily injury has made them a popular tool in gyms. Moreover, many bodybuilders opt for trap bar deadlifts instead of traditional ones.

Hex bars come in different sizes and are made with different quality materials, so the trap bar weight usually depends on these factors. On the other hand, barbells are made with a heavier kind of steel, so they weigh more than hex bars.

Moreover, hex bars can be categorized into five types, each weighing differently. The five types of trap bars include:

1. Standard Hex Bar

The standard hex bars are most commonly found in local and home gyms. They cost relatively less than other bars and weigh around 50 lbs.

2. Multi Handle Trap Bar

The multi-handle trap bar has an exciting design of multiple handles and allows you to use different grips for deadlifts and other exercises like farmer’s walks.

The adjustable grips improve your strength development. On average, a multi-handle hex bar weight is 60-65 lbs.  

3. Heavy Duty Trap Bar

Heavy-duty trap bars usually weigh around 125 lbs. Hex bars are perfect for powerlifting since they are made from square steel tubing instead of steel rods. It also has multiple grip options, allowing room for strength improvement.

Additionally, this trap bar is not commonly found in regular gyms.

4. Open Back Trap Bar

This hex bar can weigh between 40 lbs. and 80 lbs. and is perfect for performing other weightlifting exercises, including lunges, split squats, loaded carries, etc., besides the conventional hex bar deadlifts.

Inexpensive Trap Bar

Made from low-strength steel, cheap hex bar weight is the lowest among all other types; only 19 lbs. It is also cheaper but doesn’t lift heavy loads, making it impractical.

how much does trap bar weigh

What is a Trap Bar Made of?

The material used in the manufacturing of hex bars depends upon the producer.

However, heavy-duty steel in tubular form is often welded together to give it the hexagonal shape of a trap bar.

The equipment is coated with either zinc/chrome or matte black powder. Each producer or brand uses different handle designs, but all are made with solid steel to hold heavy weights when training.

Benefits of Using a Hex (Trap) Bar

Now that we have given you the answer to your question, “how much does a trap bar weigh” let’s take a look at the benefits of incorporating a hex bar into your weightlifting exercises.

  • You can lift heavier weights compared to the usual straight barbell.
  • It allows you to lift weights while maintaining a good posture.
  • The inclusive design of a hex bar is friendly for multiple exercises.
  • It reduces the risk of spinal flexion
  • Deadlifting with a trap bar is safer and easier to learn
  • It puts less force on your lower back and prevents you from falling.
  • Using a hex bar involves your quads in training more
  • Trap bar deadlifting lessens the risk of bicep tear.

From the advantages of the trap bar mentioned above, we can see that it fulfills its purpose of creation, minimizing the risks of injuries during weight training and powerlifting.

What Factors to Consider When Buying a Hex/Trap Bar?

Looking for the ideal and all-rounder hex bar can be tedious, especially when the market is crowded with hundreds of options.

Therefore, we have included a list of factors to consider when purchasing a trap bar.

1. Type of Handle/Grip:

There are different models of trap bars with various handle heights. Choose the one that suits you the best. Low handles are ideal for attaining a higher range of motion, while high handles help you fit heavier weights easily.

2. Coating:

Invest in a hex bar with a high-quality coating, so it doesn’t rust in a few years. Hex bars with black powder and stainless steel coatings are the best options.

3. Budget:

Trap bars come in a wide price range, from very high to average. Consider for what purpose and how long you will use the equipment and decide your budget accordingly.

4. Tensile Strength:

Always buy a hex bar with high tensile strength because it allows you to lift heavy loads without breaking the bar. Trap bars with high tensile strength also last you more years than the ones with low tensile strength.


From the previous discussion, we can deduce that the trap bar weight varies from type to type and brand to brand.

Hence, there is no definite answer to the commonly asked question, “how much does a hex bar weigh.” We recommend you check out the trap bar’s specifications before you purchase to know how heavy a hex bar is.

Besides its weight, a trap bar is must-have gym equipment for all fitness enthusiasts who love lifting heavy weights. It improves your weightlifting performance and prevents risky injuries during workouts.

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