Can You Workout After Microneedling? (REVEALED)

Our environment and lifestyle habits significantly affect our skin health. Aging can cause the skin to deteriorate and become wrinkly as well. However, a significant percentage of such damages are reversible by cosmetic procedures. One of the most popular methods for achieving youthful and flawless skin is micro needling.

Although micro-needling has been in the aesthetic market for several decades, it’s at its peak in 2022. It is a matter of minimally invasive surgery that requires 3-6 treatments of approximately 30 minutes. However, the aftercare of the procedure restricts working out and exercising.

But, why do why should we avoid exercise after microneedling? Can I exercise 24 hours after micro needling? What not to do after microneedling?

This article answers all of your questions related to microneedling and exercising. Read along to learn about the aftercare steps of the microneedling procedure.

What Is Micro needling?

Microneedling, alternatively known as collagen induction therapy, dermarolling, or skin needling, is a cosmetic procedure. It involves puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles to trigger the body’s natural healing process.

As the needle pricks the dermis, it regulates blood flow and improves skin nutrition by producing increased amounts of collagen and elastin.

Micro needling helps keep your skin tight and improves its appearance. This cosmetic procedure minimizes wrinkles and deals with scarring. Furthermore, it is an effective process for producing anti-aging results. Other benefits of micro needling include the following:

Once done with the procedure, you must follow specific aftercare steps to ensure no hindrances in the recovery process.

Let’s learn about it in detail.

How Long Is Microneedling Recovery Time?

On average, microneedling recovery usually takes mere 24 hours.

It is because, after the procedure, the skin becomes red and swollen. The face becomes tender and prone to inflammation and discomfort.

Since your skin is vulnerable, you should avoid doing strenuous workouts, exercise, swimming, and hot yoga because sweating will irritate the skin.

However, it may also take up to 72 hours, depending on your skin type and the degree of your microneedling treatment.

Now that you know about collagen induction therapy’s healing time let’s discuss why you shouldn’t work out after getting microneedling treatment.

Reasons Why You Can’t Work After Microneedling

Although derma rolling is not a surgical procedure, your body still needs sufficient time to rejuvenate, resulting in brighter and smoother skin.


Doing physical exercise after getting your micro-needling done is not a reasonable option because exercising increases body temperature.

It boosts the blood flow to the treated area, i.e., your face.

It raises the risk of developing bruises across your face, which can take up to one week to heal.

Furthermore, exercising after microneedling can initiate an inflammatory response in your face or create discomfort post-procedure.

Microneedling makes the skin fragile and irritated, and working out worsens the scenario as the face skin requires rest post-procedure.


Another reason doctors discourage working out after micro needling is that sweating irritates the skin harshly and causes discomfort.

It can be stingy and induce redness. You may even develop an infection due to excessive sweating in the worst-case scenario.

Therefore, doctors suggest leaving at 48 hours between your micro-needling treatment and exercising.

However, if your treatment is more profound, consider avoiding your exercise routine for at least 72 hours. This time is enough to help the skin recover from the tiny holes and relieve inflammation.

If you sweat due to any cause, slightly dab it off using a clean towel.

Never use an old towel you’ve been carrying everywhere as it contains many contagious bacteria that can cause a breakout after entering the skin through the punctures that resulted from micro needling.

What Exercises Should You Avoid During Microneedling Recovery?

Although staying active proves healthy for the body, some exercises should not be attempted up to 72 hours after the micro-needling procedure as they adversely affect recovery.

They include:

Can I Work Out Before The Micro-Needling Session?

The simple answer is no, and you should not work out or do any activity that requires stamina and movement right before going to your micro needling appointment.

It is because your face would turn red due to greater blood flow and can pose the risk of severe bruising and inflammation. On the other hand, working out hours before visiting a clinic for microneedling is not an issue.

One of the most common things that ruin the microneedling procedure is working out or going out in hot temperatures.

It is because exposure to UV radiation can cause severe hyperpigmentation in the skin.

Therefore, we suggest you minimize working out or sports in the sun before and after the micro-needling treatment. Also, wear sunscreen all the time to avoid sun damage.

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Micro needling and cardio— any additional rules?

The exact time limit and post-procedure care apply to doing cardio after receiving the collagen induction therapy through micro-needling— a 48-hour wait is necessary.

Can I Swim After Microneedling?

As you know, swimming pools contain chlorine that can cause swelling in the skin. Therefore, avoid swimming for at least a week.

Furthermore, it can disturb the natural healing process of the skin holes and produce unsatisfactory results.

Additionally, chlorine water from swimming pools can initiate a bacterial infection as the skin is punctured.

What Not To Do After Microneedling?

Here is a list of things that you should avoid up to 48 hours post-skin needling:

  • Steam baths
  • Jacuzzi
  • Saunas
  • Yoga
  • Walking/running
  • Heavy make up
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking

Wrapping Up

If you follow a strict workout regimen and prioritize your fitness, you will have to take small breaks once you have started doing the microneedling procedures. It is because of excessive physical activity and excessive sweat can cause irritation and swelling.

In worst-case scenarios, using dirty towels and sweating can cause bacterial infections. Also, we recommend you use a strong SFP if you are an outdoor exerciser, as sun exposure can lead to hyperpigmentation after the puncturing.

Therefore, stop all such activities and allow your skin to recover naturally and boost collagen and elastin production.

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