How Tall Is Alex Eubank: (answer)

If you’re a fan of fitness and social media influencers, then it’s likely that you’ve seen Alex Eubank in your feeds. Alex is a Tiktok star and fitness influencer with millions of followers. His workout videos and advice have made him an online sensation, but one thing fans have been wondering is just how tall he is. His perfect physique is admired by many of his followers who strive to live an active lifestyle like him. 

In this blog post, we are going to answer the question “How tall is Alex Eubank?” and break down some other details about his height. We can’t wait to hear more from Alex! Join us as we explore his incredible journey into becoming one of the internet’s biggest stars.

Who Is Alex Eubank?

Alex Eubank is a 22-year-old fitness model, digital content creator, social media star, blogger, and entrepreneur from Baltimore, Maryland.

With his trademark brown hair and captivating blue eyes, he has quickly become a popular figure on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

Alex Eubank is known for his fitness-related content, including workout routines, healthy eating tips, and motivational messages.


He often shares his own fitness journey and encourages his followers to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. 

In addition to his social media presence, he has also been featured in various fitness publications and has worked with several fitness brands.

How Tall Is Alex Eubank?

Alex Eubank stands at 6 feet or 183 cm tall. He is considered to be above average for both men (175 cm) and women (161 cm) in the US population.

As such, he has an advantage when it comes to sports and physical activities, as well as being able to reach impressive heights when performing exercises or stunts on his TikTok account

In addition to having a taller-than-average stature, Alex also has an athletic build which helps him look leaner than some of his peers who might be the same height as him.

He has broad shoulders and a narrow waist which gives him a v-shaped torso – something many people aspire towards when trying to achieve their fitness goals!

This combination of factors makes him stand out amongst other social media influencers who may not have the same physique or stature as him.   

Net Worth Of Alex Eubank 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, as of 2021, Alex Eubank’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million USD. This makes him one of the most successful social media influencers in the world.

He has earned his wealth through his social media presence; he earns money from sponsored posts as well as brand collaborations with other companies such as Nike and Adidas.

He also sells merchandise on his website where fans can purchase T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and other items with his logo on them.    

Other Facts About Alex Eubank 

Alex was born on May 23rd, 2000 in California and currently resides there with his family. His hobbies include playing basketball and video games as well as watching movies and spending time with friends.

Even though he is a very successful social media influencer, he still attends school full-time at California State University Long Beach where he majors in Business Administration/Marketing Management.

He was also named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” Influencers for 2021 which put him among some of the best young influencers in the world today!  

Relationship & Diet 

In terms of relationships, Alex is currently dating another popular Instagram influencer named Abigail White (@abigailwhite). They often post pictures of each other on their respective Instagram accounts with loving captions expressing their affection for one another.

As for dieting, Alex follows a strict nutrition plan which consists mostly of lean proteins like chicken breast or turkey paired with lots of vegetables like broccoli or Brussels sprouts. Additionally, he eats healthy fats like avocados for energy throughout the day to help him stay energized during his workouts. 

how tall is alex eubank

What Are His Hobbies? 

When he’s not busy creating content for his social media accounts or filming videos for his YouTube channel, Alex loves traveling and exploring new places. He loves taking pictures of nature and people during his trips, which are then posted on his Instagram stories for us all to see!

Photoshoots are also one of his favorite hobbies; he often posts stunning photos with unique poses that have been beautifully edited by him or one of his friends.

Last but not least, he enjoys making videos for both YouTube and Instagram Reels – some of which have even gone viral! 

Alex Eubank Workout Routine

No wonder his physique has earned him so many admirers! He loves the golden era of bodybuilding from the 1950s and 70s and works hard to emulate those classic physiques with modern techniques. His mission is to help others achieve their body goals through his own journey. 

To do this, Alex shares his personal journey on his Youtube channel, where he posts regular updates about his workouts, nutrition tips, lifestyle advice, and motivation hacks – everything you need to know if you want to become fitter like him! On top of this, he also provides exercise advice and talks about his struggles with getting into shape on Instagram.

But that’s not all; Alex has created something truly unique with his “Greek Body Workout Plan” which focuses on strengthening muscles using combinations of weights, cardio exercises, stretching exercises, and special core movements that are designed to build lean muscle mass while avoiding overtraining.

Weekly Workout

  • On Monday, he focuses on chest and back exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, chest presses, shoulder presses, rows, tricep dips, etc., as well as core exercises like planks and sit-ups. 
  • Tuesdays are dedicated to shoulders, biceps and triceps;  such as lateral raises, front raises, rear delt flyes, upright rows and military presses. Then he moves on to bicep exercises like curls (hammer curls are his favorite), preacher curls and reverse curls. 
  • Wednesday is leg day; Alex puts just as much focus into training his lower body as he does his upper body. His leg day includes squats (front squats are his favorite exercise), lunges (forward lunges are best for him) leg press variations.
  • Thursday is chest and back again; 
  • Friday is all about shoulders, biceps and triceps; 
  • Saturday is leg day once more; followed by a rest day on Sunday.
  • He also incorporates HIIT or high-intensity interval training into his workouts for additional cardio exercise.

how tall is alex eubank

Wrapping up

Alex Eubank stands at 6 feet tall with an impressive weight of 210 pounds thanks to his dedication to working out along with eating lean proteins such as chicken, fish, and turkey.

Complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, brown rice, and sweet potatoes, healthy fats like avocados, fruits & vegetables plus supplements such as protein powder & creatine monohydrate in order to stay fit & energized.

From chest workouts on Mondays to leg workouts on Fridays—it’s no wonder why Alex has become one of the biggest names in the fitness world!

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