Long Head Tricep Exercises – TOP 10 For Optimal Arm Strength and Mobility

The triceps are the muscles located on the back of your upper arm, and their main purpose is to extend the elbow joint. Of the three heads that make up the triceps muscle, the long head is the most important for optimal strength and mobility of your arms. Let’s look at best long head tricep exercises.

What is Triceps and Where Can You Find it?

The triceps brachii, commonly known as the tricep muscle, is a three-headed muscle located in the arms and primarily responsible for arm movement.

It attaches to the shoulder blade at one end and has insertion points along the upper arm bone near the elbow.

tricep muscle

This muscle controls movements of flexion and extension of the elbow joint – which comes in handy during tricep kickbacks, a popular exercise among bodybuilders that challenge tricep muscles and strength.

In tricep kickbacks, resistance bands or weights are used to target tricep muscles by performing backward pressing motion against these aids with an extended arm.

The triceps brachii plays an essential role on this exercise as it allows your arm to swing back against gravity while maintaining its extended form.

Long Head

The tricep muscle, specifically the long head of tricep muscle, is incredibly important for both upper body strength and appearance. It is important for upper body strength and appearance.

Not only does having a well developed tricep area help you look great in sleeveless tanks and short sleeves, it increases the amount of power you have for activities requiring strong arms such as lifting heavy objects or any sort of complex tricep workouts.

The best way to work the long head tricep muscle is through extension exercises such as pushdowns and skull crushers, which allow you to shift focus away from the often-neglected long tricep heads and towards strengthening those muscles.

A combination of regular tricep workouts along with proper rest can lead to increased muscular growth and appearance of triceps without any additional bulkiness in other areas.

The Importance of Strengthening the Long Head Tricep Muscle

The long head tricep muscle is located on the backside of your upper arm, stretching from your shoulder all the way down to your elbow joint.

It plays a critical role in arm movement by helping you straighten or extend your arm, as well as aiding in shoulder flexion (lifting your arms).

This muscle also helps keep other important muscles in place and provides stability to your shoulder joint when performing certain movements, like push-ups or dips.

Which Exercises are These?

Long head tricep exercises are perfect for those looking to increase upper arm size, strength, and definition.

Some exercises that target the long head tricep muscle are lying extensions, overhead extensions, cable pushdowns, bench dips, and close grip bench press.

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One of the best exercises to target this muscle is the standing overhead tricep extension. To perform this exercise, start in a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a dumbbell in one hand over your head.

Bend your elbow behind you and lower the weight back, then extend your arm to return to the starting position. Performing multiple sets with light or medium heavy weights can help you see great results.

The reverse grip pushdown is another excellent option for targeting the long head tricep muscle. This exercise requires cable equipment. Start by attaching a straight or angled bar at the bottom setting of a pulley machine.

Grasp the bar with an overhand grip and push it down towards your thighs while keeping your elbows close to your body and maintaining full control throughout each rep.

Including these powerful long head tricep exercises into your weekly routine can help you build that strong arm definition that you have been aiming for!

Exercises to Target the Long Head Tricep Muscle

To target this muscle specifically, there are several exercises that you should incorporate into your workout routine:

  • lying extensions
  • overhead extensions
  • cable pushdowns
  • bench dips
  • close grip bench press
  • variations incorporating instability (like balancing on a balance ball)

It’s important to focus on proper form when performing these exercises to avoid injury risk. When done correctly with proper technique, these exercises will help you build strength and stability in your shoulders so you can perform everyday tasks with ease.

long head tricep exercises

Think Mainly About the Right Technique

Proper form is critical when it comes to performing exercises to reach maximum results while avoiding potential injury risk. This is the key to maximizing results while minimizing injury risk.

When executing an exercise meant to target the long head of the triceps, one should take extra care with how the movement is being completed.

It’s important to ensure elbows are bent and tucked into the body for shoulder stability, maintain tension on the tricep muscles throughout each repetition during execution, and keep consistent control of both arms throughout each set.

Mindful touches like this are vital if one hopes to maximize their overall gains in trying to hit that vital long head of the triceps!

Benefits of Strengthening the Long Head of Tricep

Strengthening the long head of your tricep can have many benefits – from improving arm lifts to increasing stability in daily activities.

To target this particular muscle, try these 10 exercises:

  • Close-grip bench press
  • Tricep dips
  • Overhead tricep extension
  • Diamond push-ups
  • Tricep kickbacks
  • Weighted tricep pushdowns
  • Lying tricep extensions (skull crushers)
  • Bench dips
  • Cable tricep pushdowns
  • Tricep pushups (aka narrow or narrow-grip pushups)

Each exercise provides a unique challenge for the long head of your tricep and can be adapted to suit your level of fitness. With regular practice, you’ll soon see the long head become stronger and more robust.

More Tips from Baller Circuit Crew

If you’re looking to increase strength and develop better muscle tone, resistance exercises are the way to go.

While some may think of classic forms of weight lifting when they hear “resistance training,” really these workouts can include any form of exercise using your own bodyweight or external sources, like dumbbells, barbells, or cables.

Variations also exist that incorporate instability (such as with a balance ball) for an even more challenging session.

Resistance exercises require thoughtful coordination and plenty of control as you move through each motion.

So it’s clear that there’s more to them than simply hefting around a heavy load!

Whether your goal is improved sports performance, increased strength, increased endurance or improved postural alignment, resistance training has the potential for amazing results.

long head tricep exercises


Strengthening your long head triceps muscle is essential for optimal arm strength and mobility.

By incorporating targeted exercises into your workout routine such as lying extensions, overhead extensions, cable pushdowns, bench dips, close grip bench presses, and variations incorporating instability (like balance ball), you can effectively target this muscle without risking injury.

By doing so regularly over time you will see improved results in terms of greater strength and flexibility in both shoulders and elbows.

Keep up with a consistent exercise routine while focusing on proper form to ensure that you gain maximum benefits from these moves!

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