Martin Fitzwater Workout Routine

Martin Fitzwater a majestic personality in the sector of physical fitness. He showed up in sports when getting the pro cards were the ultimate grind. He believed that if you were good enough to achieve the USA and Nationals in the 1980s, you could immediately win the pro shows and would be in the category of top-five at Mr. Olympia.

Martin’s father put him in wrestling when he was 3 years old. Until he was 16 years, he was immersed in grabbling. Therefore, he stood up for three to four national tournaments per year in the later stages of those years. Then, he gave up on wrestling as he had no time for this as he was involved in three other games then. His wrestling training coach was also his school fitness teacher, who forced him to rejoin wrestling in his sophomore year.

By the end of high school, he got the eighth position all over the USA for shot up and continued as a football player all four years. At the age of 9, he added push-ups and sit-ups to his routine workout to improve his performance on the wrestling mat. His father gifted him “Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding” to boost him up for wrestling.

Please read the article about the Martin Fitzwater Workout Routine, helping you gain the body you ever desired.

Current Body Stat and Lifestyle of Martin Fitzwater: 

Before diving into the workout routine of Martin Fitzwater, look into his fitness stats. You can get motivated to look at your fitness level by analyzing your current fitness stats.

  • Martin Fitzwater, age 25 years
  • Martin Fitzwater height 5’8”
  • Martin Fitzwater max weight 265 lb

Martin ‘The Martian’ Fitzwater was born on 6 January 1997 and started his fitness journey very early. His father always encouraged him to eat three to four meals daily.

At 13, he was accused of taking steroids at middle school wrestling matches. He completely immersed himself in bodybuilding when he was of the age of 14 years.

With the best workout routine, he upgraded his fitness level over the years, becoming one of the most impressive bodybuilders.

Martin Fitzwater’s Back Workout: 

Martin has added some great exercises to his back workout. Here you get the detail of every exercise that can build up your back to a great extent.

1. Assisted Wide Grip Pull-Ups: 

He starts his back workout session with assisted wide-grip pull-ups. They are fantastic if you build mass and chisel out the muscular conditions.

These wide-grip pull-ups are the best to warm the body, making your joints ready for heavier movements.

2. Single Arm Stiff Arm Lat Pulldowns: 

An excellent isolation movement for Lats, stiff-arm pull-downs are another exercise in his back workout routine.

Unilateral movements like stiff arm movements add extra detail to the lat poses, eliminating imbalance. Thus, he opted for this exercise to work on both sides of the back.

3. Wide Grip Pull-Downs: 

Additional detailing in his back muscle when he flares his lat is due to wide grip pull-downs.

The goal of every of his exercise is to have muscle detailing. As he was in a caloric deficit, low calories could make him more prone to injury.

For this, he modified his workout training by moving to higher reps and lighter weights.

4. Chest Supported T-Bar Rows: 

Another exercise for which he moved on was chest-supported T-bar rows.

He aims to drain all the power from working the muscles out. He works out the way to hold four heavyweight plates of 45 pounds.

Beginning with the explosive reps, he mostly likes to end up with the slower reps, focusing on the stretches with the entire lower lat and mid-back workout.

5. Seated Row Machine: 

He added a seated row machine with a wide grip in his daily back workout to strongly target the upper back, traps, and rhomboids.

6. Seated Cable Rows: 

With MAG grip attachment, he hit on another great exercise to emphasize his muscle itself. This exercise is seated cable rows, a fantastic choice to empower the back muscles.

7. Single Arm Hammer Rows: 

Another workout with a neutral grip that he adds to his workout is single-arm hammer rows. It is the best option to focus on the whole back muscles neutrally.

Martin Fitzwater’s Heavy Chest Workout Journey:

Martin Fitzwater said his weakest part was his chest and arm; he worked out to grow. He becomes successful in this regard, empowering his chest.

After 16 weeks of his surgery, he started training to grow his chest. The rest and recovery period keep him motivated to continue his aims.

You can say that on the recovery bed, he motivated himself to activate his chest muscle and engage them in strenuous exercise to build them.

The workouts he opted to grow his chest out worked well for his chest growth. He was more likely to enjoy training by himself, but to work out on his chest, he hired a trainer to assist him in growing his vulnerable parts, like his chest and arm.

Martin Fitzwater’s Top Gym Lifts: 

  • Incline Barbell Press: 465 x 7
  • Bench Press: 465 x 8
  • Deadlift: 675 x 3
  • Icarian Hack Squat: 11 plates per each side x 12
  • Cybex Hack Squat: 8 plates per each side x 10

Martin Fitzwater’s Contest History:

  • 2017 Colorado State – Second position in Light Heavyweight
  • 2018 Junior USA – Second position in Light Heavyweight
  • 2018 Junior Nationals – Fourth position in Light Heavyweight
  • 2019 Colorado State – Heavyweight and Overall Champion
  • 2019 USA Championship – Fifth Heavyweight
  • 2019 North American – Second position in Heavyweight
  • 2020 North American – Heavyweight Winner
  • 2021 Texas Pro – Fourth Position in the competition

Final Thoughts: 

We can conclude that Martin Fitzwater is one of the most passionate competitors.

Despite the two serious surgeries, he is optimistic enough to keep up his courage to return to his all-built-up career.

After rest and recovery, he came up to continue with all he left behind.

Make him your inspiration and start working toward your goals. Although you are not hopeful like him, you will reach somewhere near your goal.

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