Kobe Bufkin – All You Need To Know

Kobe Bufkin is currently a rotational player for the Michigan Wolverines coming into the 2022 season. Bufkin wound up being incredibly impactful in very limited action during his freshman year, but he’s got potential that is just off the charts if given more time on the court. Coming into this new year, people still seem to be unaware of who Kobe Bufkin is on Michigan. This is going to be guide on everything you might want to know about Bufkin, ranging from his stats on the floor all the way to his parents advice to him before every single game. Let’s start this off by rolling with his sole campaign with the Wolverines. 

Freshman Season

Kobe Bufkin was able to put up some solid numbers during his freshman year with the Michigan Wolverines. He played 28 games during this first year with them and came off the bench in every single one of them.

That doesn’t mean he didn’t find a way to be impactful though.

He recorded just one block in his debut against Buffalo but slowly did more as the year progressed. He averaged three points per game and had seven appearances in which he dropped over five points.

On top of that, two games saw him break the double-digit mark, including one against Southern Utah where he dropped a career high 11 on them. He later picked up a career high in rebounds at six against Nebraska and then two steals against Prairie View A&M and Wisconsin. He was given an average of 10.6 minutes per game with nine of them seeing him get 15 plus minutes.

Bufkin may have come off the bench in all of the games he appeared in, but the coaching staff clearly grew in confidence with him on the floor as the season progressed.

I think it’s safe to say that he was able to capitalize on those opportunities pretty well.

Bufkin’s Parents Are Incredibly Proud

Shortly after Bufkin and the Wolverines got underway into the new season, his mother Kimberly Camp was interviewed.

They asked her a variety of different questions about how she feels watching her son play basketball for a school that they grew up rooting for. The way she described it was this, “A roller coaster. A roller coaster.”

Camp also stated how proud she was of Kobe whenever she watched him out there doing what he loves to do. She’s supported him every step of the way and admitted that she still can’t believe it’s all a reality right now.

The quote was,

“I still pinch myself before every game.”

I still say a huge prayer before every game. Just praying, you know, for victory, no injuries, things like that.” Then finally, she offered the advice that she always gives to Kobe and his brother Isaiah right before they take the court in a big game.

“Play like the world is watching.” Kobe will definitely continue to listen to his parents’ advice as the games truck forward.

High School Career

Kobe Bufkin came into the collegiate scene as a four-star recruit. ESPN had him ranked as the 38th best prospect in the country, 247 Sports had him listed at 42 and Rivals had him marked down at 48.  During his senior year of high school, Bufkin was able to average 25.0 points, 7.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists throughout the course of the year.

He could have been even greater though if it weren’t for an unfortunate injury that made him lose all but five games of that year.  He fractured his wrist in the fifth matchup of that senior year.

Back in his junior year, he played the entire year and helped his team get to a 20-2 record.

During that season, he averaged 22.0 points, 5.0 rebounds and 4.0 assists. You could just tell throughout his time in high school that he was ready for the next level. It’s no wonder why the coaching staff has had so much faith in him so quickly in Michigan.

His high school stats were able to get him named to the McDonald’s All-American squad and the Spalding All-American Honorable Mention.

Team Listed Bio

Michigan has given us a handful of interesting facts and tidbits about Bufkin. The first is that they believe him to be a very crafty left-handed guard who can always find a way to get up to the basket.

He uses his incredible length and athleticism to be able to get to the spot he wants to be at on the floor. He was also listed as a very versatile shooter.

Think of it as an all-around shooter that doesn’t have a problem letting if fly from anywhere. He’s a player that the team believes should never be left open and is always a threat to score if wide open.

The next fact was that Bufkin is often praises for the basketball intelligence that he displays and the passion he shows each and every day he participates in practice. To make that passion even stronger, his parents are lifelong Michigan fans that just ignited his love for the school even more since he’s joined on with them.

Then finally, his parents have named him Kobe after the late Kobe Bryant. They also named his brother Isaiah after Isaiah Thomas.

What Position Is He Playing?

Kobe Bufkin currently stands at a listed height of 6-foot-4 inches.

While some could argue that he might be able to slide into the small forward position, he is primarily utilized as a shooting guard in the league. His current playing style fits perfectly into the two spot on the floor.

He is a crafty ball handler that can shoot the lights out no matter where he is on the floor.

There is no question that this type of play style at the shooting guard position is going to be valuable moving forward. Michigan is lucky to have him and an NBA team might get intrigued by the skillset he possesses.

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