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Jabari Parker is an American professional basketball player that has appeared on a few different teams throughout his time in the NBA. Injuries and inconsistent play have plagued him throughout his career, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been able to make a name for himself. Many people around the league are familiar with Parker, and for those that aren’t all of this information is dedicated to you.


Jabari Parker has had himself a few great years in the NBA, but the majority of them have been underwhelming. Particularly since 2018.

His best statistical season came a few years before that in 2016 with the Milwaukee Bucks.

As he was able to average 20.1 points, 6.2 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game while playing the highest average of minutes throughout his career. He never crossed the 20 point per game mark again, only reaching a peak of 15.0 points per game in the years following.

However, injuries have seriously delayed the impact that he can put on a team. Up to this point in time, Parker has only been able to play in over 40 games during the course of a season twice, one of those being his best year in the league.

Unfortunately, he just can’t stay out on the court long enough to give himself a starting job to succeed. When he was on the floor for the majority of the year though, the potential was simply off the charts, especially with the Milwaukee Bucks.


Jabari Parker spent the first four years of his career playing out his rookie deal with the Bucks. At the time those seasons were all finished up, contract negotiations didn’t exactly go smoothly.

The organization sent him a qualifying offer at first, which allowed them to match any offer that he might receive in free agency.

Although, they wound up pulling the qualifying offer entirely not long after that. With Parker a complete free agent at this stage, he was able to talk his w ay into a two-year, $40 million deal with the Chicago Bulls.

He didn’t play this entire contract out with the Bulls either, as they shipped him off to the Washington Wizards in the final months of the regular season that same year. Washington declined the team option on Parker, which stopped him from receiving $20 million of his contract and he once again got traded, but this time to the Sacramento Kings.

He appeared in nine games and was on the court for just 27 minutes before getting waived. Most recently, he was able to sign on with the Boston Celtics in a few minimal deal financially.

He didn’t play much but got waived and then re-signed to a renegotiated contract right afterwards. A few months later, he was once again waived and remains unclaimed in the NBA.

What Position Does He Play?

Parker is a bit of a stretch forward when it comes to his position on the floor. He’s primarily listed at either the power forward or small forward spot in the lineup but his ability to knock down three-pointers turns him into that stretch four that teams love to have out on the court.

Throughout his career, he’s really not been utilized outside of these two roles though.

Unlike Draymond Green, Parker is not capable of being shifted into a center role in a small ball lineup.

In fact, his lack of consistent defense makes him a bit of an odd power forward. Jabari has shown flashes throughout his career of being a lead scorer on a solid team with a variety of moves that he can pull off with the ball in his hands.

It was just never shown consistently enough to really make him a priority on an NBA roster. So, bottom line, Parker is listed primarily at the power forward position.

Duke Years

Jabari Parker played just one season in college with the Duke Blue Devils and it was all anybody needed to see out of him.

In his initial debut for the squad, he dropped 22 points against Davidson and was the fifth freshman to debut with at least 20 points in Duke history.

He continued his dominance throughout the year to earn multiple rewards such as the cover of Sports Illustrated and ACC Rookie of the Week just to name a few. He pulled them into the playoffs that year and marched them straight into the championship game against Virginia. He dropped his 18th 20-point showing on that night which was just was one shy of the ACC Freshman record.

When it came to the NCAA March Madness tournament, Parker and Duke eventually lost in the first round to the 14 seeded Mercer.

It was a disappointing end but he still averaged 19.1 points per game and got unanimously chosen to appear on the Coaches All-ACC Freshman Team and the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association All-ACC First Team. He was the USBWA National Freshman of the Year and also an All-American.

Simply put, this season catapulted him up the rankings in the eyes of NBA scouts and he was quickly touted as one of the best prospects available. In fact, it was the reason he was able to get drafted with the number one overall pick.

Net Worth

Due to not receiving all of the money from his NBA contracts after getting traded and waived, Parker’s net worth isn’t as high as it might appear to be.

It was listed at $7.5 million back in 2016 before he left the Milwaukee Bucks but has since been updated to $20 million after his stint with the Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards and other squads.

Had he not been traded by Chicago; he could have doubled this net worth without losing half of his signed contract.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case in this instance. Unless Parker is able to hop onto another NBA team in the near future, it’s likely that this net worth doesn’t get updated all that often moving forward.

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