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Adrien Nunez unfortunately hasn’t ever been given consistent opportunities to show out for the Michigan Wolverines. However, the guard has been able to make a name for himself. Not only in the minutes that he’s been given, but also off the court on social media. If you’re still unfamiliar with who Nunez is coming into 2022, here is a guide of all the information that you will need to know about him. Starting off with the popularity he’s gained off of social media and how he’s utilized it.

Social Media

Adrien Nunez has started to gain quite the following on numerous social media sites such as TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

He works side by side with his girlfriend Carson Roney as the two share some of these accounts together. The most notable would be the YouTube channel titled Carson and Adrien.

They started their channel off by creating a video titled “Day In The Life Of Carson And Adrien + Q&A.”

They share travel vlogs and daily life videos along with some pranks along the way. Not only that though, but Adrien has another YouTube channel separate from his girlfriend that’s entirely his own.

This channel also shows vlogs similar to his other one. They have thousands of subscribers combined between the channels and have started to grow pretty consistently when it comes to TikTok and Instagram as well.

How Tall Is Adrien Nunez?

Adrien Nunez is currently listed at a 6′ 6″ coming into 2022.

Despite having height that is similar to other small forwards and maybe even power forwards, Nunez plays the guard position for the Michigan Wolverines.

Now that we’re here, we might as well cover how tall is Adrien Nunez girlfriend.

His girlfriend Carson Roney currently stands at a listed height of 6′ 1″ inch and plays basketball.

Michigan Stats

He started his Wolverine career well. He played in 20 games off the bench as a freshman but didn’t get to make his debut until they played Norfolk State on November 6th. He played in just three minutes that go around and notched a single rebound.

He averaged just two minutes a game throughout this campaign and didn’t go above six. Fast forward into his sophomore year and he played in 22 games, starting four of them.  The four starts he made were to fill in for Franz Wagner, somebody currently in the NBA. He scored in 11 of those games and averaged two points an afternoon.

He knocked down 43 out of his 52 total three-point shots throughout the entire season though, being incredibly consistent from deep. Moving into his junior year now, he played in just 10 games. All of them came off of the bench.

Shockingly, he fell back down despite his sharpshooter capabilities. He scored in just three of those games and averaged roughly 3.4 minutes a contest. Then finally, his senior year didn’t have much going on.

Similar to his junior year, he played in 10 games, coming off the bench in each of them once more. He scored a season high five points against Buffalo early in the season and eventually averaged 3.2 minutes per game.

Overall, Nunez was never really given a consistent opportunity to show what he is worth on the floor. Though from what we’ve seen in his time as a starter, his deep shot is incredible.

High School Nunez

Adrien Nunez had himself a wonderful career in high school. Throughout his entire time there, he was able to average 15.5 points and 5.0 rebounds per game.

He spent two years playing varsity basketball at Bishop Loughlin High School in New York and helped them march into a 21-8 record. They also were able to reach the Class AA semifinals when he was entering into his senior year with the team.

Just like what we’ve mentioned earlier, Nunez took advantage of the opportunities that he was given at the varsity level in high school.

Averaging 15.5 points a night isn’t a groundbreaking number for a guard, but it shows how great he can be if given the chance.

Here’s to hoping that we might be able to see him post some substantial numbers moving forward.

Team Listed Bio

Adrien Nunez has been given quite the bio on the Wolverines official website. The first fact that’s listed on there for Nunez is that he’s known around the team to be a great long-range shooter.

Not only that, but they applaud the work ethic he shows every single day in practice to keep striving to get better. It’s something that you always want to see out of a player at this age.

Check highlights from Adrien Nunez workout:

Next, it says that he didn’t even start playing basketball until he was in the seventh grade. Before he made the jump to play basketball, he used to spend all of his time skateboarding and snowboarding.

He had quite the hobbies built up before deciding that basketball was what he wanted to keep pushing forward on. It’s also listed that he’s a food connoisseur. Mostly because his father owns a large chain of food markets in the Brooklyn area.

Nunez is a lot more than meets the eye to say the least.

Net Worth

Adrien Nunez has worked his way up to quite the net worth early on in his life. The majority of sources agree that his net worth is sitting at approximately $3.5 million right now coming into 2022.

If you’re wondering where he’s been able to make all of this money, a lot of it comes from his social media.

It’s helped him grow a large following that opens the door for many different kinds of promotions and brand deals for him to take advantage of.

On top of those deals, he also runs that YouTube channel by himself and the one with his girlfriend Carson to add on even more to his total net worth.

It is also said that Nunez has different business ventures that apply to the net worth as well, but it’s not currently specified as to what.

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