Is The Vitamin Water Good For You?

Vitamin water is becoming popular so much nowadays, primary ingredients in such waters are added sugar, minerals, and vitamins. Because of additive Vitamins and minerals, this water can be categorized as healthy water, while some vitamin water includes sugar too which makes it unhealthy when consumed in excess.

Vitamin water is a beverage that includes water-soluble vitamins; some brands make vitamin water in different flavors, which are sweetened by adding sugars. Vitamin water xxx (triple antioxidant) means they contain three different types of antioxidants (Vitamin C, Vitamin A & Selenium)

What Does Vitamin Water Do For Your Body?

One of the main benefits of Vitaminwater intake is that it fulfills your body’s vitamin requirements.


This Vitamin water is yet another great source of providing your body with natural electrolytes which help your body maintain its electrolyte levels (trusted source).

Including vitamin water in your diet can be a healthy strategy.

Does Vitamin Water have Electrolytes?

First, we need to understand what electrolytes are in our body, so some minerals like magnesium, potassium, and sodium are present in your blood in the form of acids, bases, and salts.

The primary roles of electrolytes in your body are:

  • It helps in moving nutrients into cells.
  • It also helps in moving waste out of the cells.
  • It helps your muscles, nerves, and heart perform properly.
  • It also plays an integral part in balancing your PH and water level.

In a nutshell, the main goal of electrolytes in Vitaminwater is to boost your water work properly.

Also, providing energy is another great advantage of consuming Vitaminwater.

Is Acai Blueberry Pomegranate Vitamin Water Good For You?

Acai blueberry pomegranate Vitamin water is the most popular among other Vitaminwater, and it might surprise you. Still, it is another excellent source of vitamins B and C essential for your body.

Besides Vitamin B and C, this Vitamin water has Antioxidants, electrolytes, and manganese, making it a very convenient drink after a good workout.

Is Vitamin Water Zero Good For You?

If someone is not a big fan of having plain water all day, this zero Vitamin water can be the best alternative as it does not contain additive sugars like other juice and drinks and will also keep you hydrated all day plus, it is calorie-free.

This Vitamin water zero is now readily available in many different flavors like orange Vitamin water, strawberry, mixed Berry, and other fruits flavored vitamin water.

Zero-vitamin water is also a good source of nourishing your body with vitamins B and C. At the same time, Vitamin B improves your immunity, and Vitamin C plays an essential role in managing blood pressure and the flourishing of your skin.

Is vitamin water good for you to lose weight?

No, it’s a widespread misconception among most of us that Vitaminwater is meant to lose your body weight.

Vitamin water results similar to any other sugary drink and will supply your body with calories.

However, zero vitamin water has no calories, so it doesn’t gain your body weight.

Is Vitamin Water Better Than Soda?

According to many sources, Vitamin water is an excellent alternative to soda drinks!

It’s because this drink contains two third less sugar than soda and has fewer calories than regular soda drinks.

Vitamin water also has natural electrolytes, which soda drinks don’t.

Vitamin with flavor is a winning combination that is good for your body.

Whether you choose organic vitamin water dragon fruit, natural strawberry blueberry, orange Vitamin water, or any other flavor, this Vitamin water will keep you refreshed and hydrated.

Why Does Vitamin Water Make Me Poop?

Vitamin water in diarrhea? Good choice or bad?

When you suffer from extreme diarrhea, your body needs lots of water content to rehydrate

In many cases, diarrhea clears up pretty soon yet leaves dehydration behind. You need to have lots of water for healthy rehydration of your body.

Vitamin water, in such cases, can be super beneficial as it not only fulfills your water requirements but also provides you with additive nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and natural electrolytes.

Benefits of Vitamin Water

  • Rich source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Free of refined sugar.
  • It contains very few calories.
  • It tastes better than plain water.
  • It can be the perfect alternative to unhealthy drinks.

The Wrong Side of Vitamin Water

  • It may cause weight gain.
  • Having nutrients in excess amounts can be harmful.
  • It contains GMOs, which can be highly risky for your immune system.

Flavors of Vitamin Water

These vitamin water are currently available in 15 different Flavors. Some basic details about all these 15 Flavors are written below.

Zero xxx

Vitamin water zero xxx is Acai blueberry pomegranate which Contains a good amount of electrolytes, vitamin B, and some Antioxidants.

And if you ask, does vitamin water xxx have caffeine?

No, according to the manufacturer, there is no caffeine.

Zero Gutsy

It has the Flavor of watermelon and peach and contains five grams of prebiotic fiber, Vitamin B, and Antioxidants.

The combination of watermelon and peach is yet another significant move; people like this combo and prefer having it. This Flavor is a foolproof treat for peach and watermelon lovers.

Zero Shine

It’s strawberry lemonade Vitamin water; it has Vitamin A and antioxidants that are beneficial for skin, hair, and nails.

It has sweet with a mild Flavor.


It’s kiwi strawberry flavored vitamin water; it has extra vitamin B, which provides energy to your body and supports healthy maintenance of your nerves with a pleasant taste.

Power C

Have a taste of dragon fruit; it contains some standard electrolytes and vitamins C and B. also, it’s a great source of taurine and zinc.


It’s another yummy, refreshing flavor with fruit punch. It has additive electrolytes and is a good source of Vitamin B and choline, which are highly beneficial for the healthy function of the liver.


This Flavor has a punch of tropical citrus; it has 80 grams of caffeine and vitamin B.

Zero Ice Blue

Taste of blueberries and lavender

It has electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, I-theanine, and chamomile, which ultimately helps keep you cool and calm.

Zero Looks

It’s blueberry hibiscus. It contains essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals; it has lutein and vitamin A that supports healthy eyes.


It’s orange-flavored vitamin water, a good source of Vitamin C and zinc—one of the most loved Flavors.


It tastes like tropical mango, along with all electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals.

Zero Rises

It also has the Flavor of orange; it supports healthy hydration and energy levels with a healthy immune system.

Zero Squeezed

It has lemonade flavored, a great source of 7 vitamins and two minerals.

Vitamin water power C

It ranked as the most demanding and liked Flavor of Vitamin water. It has the essence of dragonfruit. It includes zinc, vitamins B and C along with essential electrolytes.


Vitamin water is water infused with vitamins, an excellent source of standard electrolytes and essential vitamins and minerals.

If you are enjoying healthy diet & lifestyle, there’s no need to drink vitamin water.

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