Brad Pitt FIGHT CLUB Workout

The year 2022 marked the 20th anniversary of the excellent movie Fight Club, which was released in 1999.

Besides being a 90s movie, this movie still stands out amongst viral movies that are still being loved and watched by viewers. This film is remembered for many reasons like its strong storyline, very entertaining and competitive performance by the actors, and inspiration through Brad’s Pitt fight club workout and body transformation.

Brad Pitt’s Transformation

Brad Pitt transformed himself so much for his role in Fight club that he was almost unrecognizable from his previous roles.

This transformation required a lot of consistent hard work and efforts, which he did without skipping any part of his workout schedule.

In this movie, Brad Pitt’s body looked very smart and sharp, which was hard to take your eyes off. People started to search for his workout routine.

Brad Pitt’s Fight Club Physique

Before going onto his fight club physique, let us first discuss Brad Pitt’s height and Brad Pitt’s weight during fight club, his height is almost 180 cm, and he weighs practically about 78 kg.

His physique goal revolves around being rock solid and shredded. He almost got down to 5 percent of body fat for his role in the movie, which ultimately became why his muscles and body look so much more defined and toned.

He maintained a perfect body shape which gave an excellent look for sleek postures, and he beefed up the shoulder with a lower layer cut resulting in separated biceps and triceps muscles.

How to get abs?

Few steps that needs to be followed in order to make 6 pack abs:

  • Reduce calories intake
  • Increase your protein intake
  • Persistent exercise
  • Resistance training

Brad Pitt’s Workout Routine

Most of you must be very curious to know how Brad Pitt achieved this sleek and appealing body and his workout routine for the movie fight club.

His trainers reported that he used to spend one day on one muscle group. For example, if he is practicing lats on Monday so, on Tuesday, he’ll focus on pecs and so on. With this technique, Brad could target all areas of his body.

This body was not only the result of intense cardio but also an extensive cardio workout for 06 days a week, which significantly contributed to his training.

He religiously followed semi-body building type workouts, which included repeating various exercises targeting different body parts, such as the chest, arms, and legs. He used to do muscle workouts for 4 days and extensive cardio workouts for the next 2 days, and on Sundays, he used to take rest.

Details of his workout routine are as follows:


He scheduled his Monday for chest muscle exercise, which included 3 sets of push-ups, 25 bench presses, and 15 reps of Nautilus press, incline press, and pec deck.

  • Three sets, 25 reps – press ups
  • Three sets of 25 reps – floor press
  • Three sets, 125 reps – chest flies


On Tuesday, he used to focus on his back muscles, for which he planned 3 sets of 25 pull-ups, 3 sets of seated rows, and 3 sets of lat pull-downs and T bar rows.

  • Three set of 10 reps– dumbbell rows
  • Three set of 10 reps – dumbbell deadlift


It was his shoulder muscles day, for which he practiced the Arnold press (3 sets) lateral and front raises for 3 groups.

Three sets of 10 reps

  • Arnold press
  • Laterals
  • Front raises


It was marked for his biceps and triceps, for which he practiced 3 sets of each Preacher religiously curls, EZ curls cable, hammer curls, and push-downs.

Three sets of 10 reps

  • Chair dips
  • Hammer curls
  • Bicep curls
  • Preacher curls

Friday and Saturdays

After spending and practicing 4 days for muscle exercise, he kept Fridays and Saturdays for the extensive cardio workout, which included running on treadmills for one hour at 80 to 90 percent maximum heart rate.


Rest so that his body is again ready for another 6 days of extreme workout.

Cardio- The Essential Workout Routine

If you wish to look as shredded as Brad Pitt looked in his movie the fight club, cardio can be an opinion and a great choice.

Brad Pitt had low body fat and used to weigh only 70 kg with almost 5 to 6 percent of body fat which is far more than believable because an average fit person has a body fat around 12 percent this is another proof that how much he was concerned and focused on his workout routine.

He went super hard on the treadmill, wanting to look toned and not muscular. This cardio training helped enhance his physique, while weight training helped build his muscles.

Brad Pitt’s Diet For Fight Club

As we discussed earlier, he used to follow bodybuilding-type workouts but was not into eating like bodybuilders.

Instead, he used to eat super clean, and his diet mainly includes white meat, chicken and fish, brown rice and pasta, oatmeal, and leafy green vegetables.

To keep his energy levels up, he used to eat several different meals a day.


  • Mainly includes boiled eggs (6 egg whites and 7 yolks), Oatmeal approx. 75 grams, and raisins.

Mid-morning snacks

  • Tuna with pita bread (whole wheat) was his mid-morning snack


  • Two chicken breasts
  • Brown rice
  • Pasta with green veggies

Mid-afternoon snack

  • Before a workout snack, includes a protein bar or shake with a banana.


  • Protein shake with a banana


  • Fish or chicken (grilled)
  • Salad and vegetables
  • Brown rice or pasta

Evening snacks

  • Low-fat cottage cheese

Why Is Brad Pitt’s Fight Club Body Still Famous And Inspiring Among Youngsters?

Even in 2022, his transformation is a unique and motivational example among many of us.

Another reason of Pitt’s physique is so famous and popular even today is that this workout routine was adopted by PTs soon after the film was released.

Brad Pitt’s workout soon then became a trademark name into the fitness industry.

Even today, the reason behind their popularity is that his body in the movie looked very handsome and defined.

Another thing that is much appreciated is his ongoing hard work and struggle and highly clean and conscious diet plan with a highly active and healthy lifestyle.

Brad Pitt’s lifestyle during the transformation for the fight club was similar to tactical athletes.

He used to train for 6 days a week and dedicated 2 complete days to cardio workouts along with that eating super clean and healthy and consuming protein shakes too.


Brad Pitt’s transformation for the fight club is tremendous and inspiring for many of us.

He has worked so hard and practiced a strict schedule to achieve this body not only worked out but was conscious about his diet, and valuable to take a diet with less than 2000 calories a day.

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