How Many Calories Does Orgasming Burn

Have you ever thought about how many calories orgasming burn? It gives you a feeling like you are running a marathon or clenching your core as you bust out a strenuous abs workout or something. Orgasm is a powerful, full-body experience that makes your muscles contract, accelerating the heartbeat that might make you break a sweat.


Enjoyable Way of Cutting Calories

It’s hard to think of a more pleasing and enjoyable way of cutting down the calories than sex. Some people gladly go for its alternative, which is running on the treadmill rather than a romp in the hay.

But the thing to be focused on is, “Is sex and orgasm really a calorie-burning engine”? Scientists have been searching for this for years now.

Researchers have made a lot of efforts to count calories burnt during orgasm and sex on numerous occasions, but the results vary.

Here we look into the data about calories burnt during orgasm and recent research related to it.

Let’s get into it.

What is an orgasm, exactly?

An orgasm usually happens when you reach the climax of sexual arousal.

It elevates the feeling of pleasure, increasing sexual tension, and pressure in your body.

It is sometimes categorized as a fourth stage of a sexual encounter, with anticipation, excitement, and plateau proceeding termed the sexual response cycle.

According to a resident sexologist of sexual hygiene and body care, there is no single or widely-agreed upon definition for the term orgasm.

The intent of this term can be termed as “it is a pleasurable release of sexual tension.”

Physical Sensations for Orgasm:

Some signs are often marked as physical sensations for orgasming, including:

  • Pleasurable feelings in your genitals or throughout the body.
  • Increased heart rate and breathing.
  • Involuntary release of muscle tension.
  • Series of muscle contraction.
  • Verbal and auditory emissions of pleasure.

There are some exceptions for these physical sensations, as not everyone experiences sex and orgasm the same way.

How Many Calories Does Orgasming Burn?

There have been numerous research and reports to answer this question. However, there are tons of contrasts between them.

There is a study from 2013 that points out the number of calories men and women burn during the entire session of sex.

According to this, an average man burns around 4 calories per minute and a moderate female burns around 3 calories.

As for the average sex time is concerned, there is no other way to calculate the actual average sex session time.

There always come some exceptions and discrepancies in the whole scenario. However, most studies show an average sex time is about 6 minutes. In keeping with previous information, it burns around 18 to 24 calories.

Moreover, if we consider the increase in heart rate and orgasm lasting between 10 to 60 seconds, the maximum calorie burned only during an orgasm is 4 calories. Orgasm can only add in calorie burning count during sex sessions. Even if you have mastered having multiple orgasms, there is no condition as you can have a cheat day.

How Many Calories Does Kissing Burn?

No doubt, kissing falls in the category of physical activity during a steamy make-out session that can increase your heart rate, elevate hormone production, and burn more calories.

Moreover, it is a way of showing love and affection for someone.

A casual kiss on a couch cannot burn more than 2 calories per minute. Using hands to make out or even a little romantic dance can add playfulness to your calorie burn count.

No research can exactly give a calorie count that can burn from these activities. On average, you can think about burning 2 to 3 calories for a simple kiss.

Engaging in passionate kissing, romantic scenes, and a bit of twist and creativity in a kissing session can mark 5 to 26 calories burned per minute.

How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn?

General health and wellness benefits are always on the priority list for most people, developing a greater mind-body connection, improving self-strength, and relieving stress.

The one thing that comes to mind to achieve all of this is yoga practice. It also helps to burn body fat, toning the body to a great extent.

It is a common misconception that yoga, a low-intensity workout, doesn’t involve burning the calories like other workouts.

You will be in shock to know how many calories does yoga burn?

Of course, burning calorie counts depends on the class intensity of yoga and your age, weight, height, and gender.

Generally, yoga can burn calories from 180 to 600 calories per hour. In contrast, if you are willing to know how many calories do 15000 steps burn? You will be surprised that they are around 413 calories.

Moreover, a sex session of at least 25 minutes can help you burn about 300 calories.

An interesting fact that can leave you in awe is the answer how many calories does water have? Water has no calories; you can have as much as possible without fear.

Health Benefits from Orgasm

Even though orgasm doesn’t burn as many calories as a workout session or yoga practice, you can still have plenty of health benefits from them. They include:

Healthy Heart

With orgasm during sex, you can have a more robust and healthier heart. It saves you from cardiovascular disorders.

According to t the research, it is reported that men having sex twice a week are less likely to have heart conditions than men having sex once a month.

Improve Sleep and Relieve Stress

As a result of orgasm, hormones called oxytocin and prolactin are released to help achieve better sleep, relaxation, and mind boost-up.

Stronger Pelvic Muscles

Pelvic muscles are to support the bladder, bowel, and uterus. Contractions of these muscles strengthen them, leading to pleasurable sensations during sex and supporting control over bodily functions.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, different reports show different results about the number of calories burned during orgasm, but it is safe to say 3 to 4 calories. During sex sessions, these orgasms can increase the possibility of having more burned-out calories.

Orgasms have many other health benefits beyond burning calories, but you can’t count on them for your physical toning.

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