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Chris “CBUM” Bumstead is a Canadian bodybuilder and fitness model. He is known for his muscular physique and has competed in a number of bodybuilding competitions, including the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia. In addition to his competitive career, Bumstead is also a personal trainer and owns a gym in Ontario, Canada. He is active on social media and has a large following on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, where he shares training and nutrition advice, as well as updates on his own fitness journey.


What does natty mean in the gym?

The term “natty” is a slang word used among bodybuilders to identify someone who is thought to be achieving their desired results solely through natural training and nutrition.

If you’re asking if CBUM is natural, you’re basically asking if he’s on steroids.

Generally, this means that they are not using any performance-enhancing drugs or other illicit substances to improve their physical appearance.

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How to recognize that somebody is using steroids?

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way of determining whether someone is actually adhering to the natty lifestyle. Substances such as steroids and other drugs may be undetectable by standard testing methods.

There are a number of signs that may suggest that someone is using steroids, although it is not always possible to definitively determine if someone is using these substances based on external appearances or behaviors alone.

Some possible signs that someone may be using steroids include:

  • Rapid muscle growth or changes in muscle mass: Someone who is using steroids may experience rapid gains in muscle size or strength.
  • Changes in physical appearance: Steroids can cause physical changes such as acne, increased facial or body hair, or baldness in men.
  • Mood swings or changes in behavior: Steroid use can lead to mood changes such as increased aggression or irritability.
  • Sleep disturbances: Steroids may cause sleep disturbances or insomnia.
  • Changes in appetite: Someone using steroids may experience increased appetite or changes in their food intake.

Although some might assume that only professional bodybuilders are taking advantage of such methods, anyone can potentially use them in an effort to gain muscle mass quickly or enhance their physical appearance.

Without proper education and understanding, it can be difficult for individuals to truly master the art of building muscle naturally.

Following a strict diet and training regimen while ensuring optimal rest periods along with supplementation and vitamin intake are all essential steps that must be taken in order to achieve success without relying on illegal or dangerous substances.

Additionally, those who choose to go the natty route must also accept that progress may take longer than if they were using performance-enhancing drugs.

It’s important for those seeking a safe and natural approach to bodybuilding understand these principles before attempting any sort of physical transformation.

Is CBUM Natty?

It is very difficult to say whether CBUM used steroids or not. He competes in organizations where testing is very common and steroid use is prohibited.

If he tested positive, he would no longer be able to compete there.

Of course, this does not rule out that he did not use steroids. If you want, read the reddit discussion on this topic.

Legal alternative

Supplementation is an effective way to improve upon your existing diet without resorting to steroids or other substances.

Protein powder and amino acid supplements can help ensure your muscles have enough fuel during times of intense exercise, while vitamins and minerals work together to build strong bones and joints, as well as improve overall health.

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There are also many specialized supplements available on the market today which have been specifically designed for athletes who want safe performance enhancements without compromising their clean lifestyle.

With so many options available, it’s easy for anyone looking to revitalize their health and physique naturally find something suitable for their needs.


It is important to note that the presence of any of these signs does not necessarily mean that someone is using steroids.

There may be other explanations for these changes, and it is not appropriate to make assumptions about someone’s behavior or choices based on external appearances or behaviors alone.

If you have concerns about someone’s use of steroids or other performance-enhancing substances, it is recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

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