How Many Miles Should I Walk To lose 20 pounds In Three Months?

Weight loss has been a great struggle for so many peoples for ages. Nowadays there are so many methods of weight loss circulating on the internet. However, dieting, portion control, exercise, and the keto diet are expensive and time taking methods. Therefore people fail to follow them and keep on wondering if they will be able to lose weight or Not. Today I am going to tell you that walking is the easiest form of exercise that can effortlessly help you to lose weight within a short period.

However, after listening to that walking is easiest people search the internet to know how many miles they have to walk for at least 20 pounds of weights.

Walking Can Help Weight Lose

Walking is one of the best choices if you want to lose weight. You can surely reach your goal weight very soon just by walking.

You can take it as a light hobby and walk a few miles daily increasing to half a mile every day to avoid being tired. You can even go for a morning walk with your dog, kid, or any friend to stay motivated and lose weight easily.

Walking has been an ancient remedy to lose weight and stay fit. It has several benefits that you don’t even have an idea of. It keeps your blood circulation active and burns fat quicker than any other diet chart.

However, walking aimlessly cannot take you anywhere in your weight loss journey you have to set some goals and need a better understanding of various parameters of weight loss walking.

This can help you decide how many miles or step you need to cover daily according to your weight.

For suppose your BMI is 14 and you are slightly overweight by 8 to 10 Kg then you need to cover at least 15000 steps daily or at least aim for it to lose weight. You can also use the smartwatch step count feature to get your daily step counted to lose weight.

If you ask me how many steps you need to walk daily to lose 20 pounds in a month then the remedy is so simple.

You just need to aim for 10000 steps daily and increase one thousand steps every couple of days. This can gradually burn your fat and keep you healthy and fit while losing your weight without any strict diet.

How Many Miles A Week Should I Walk?

According to lead author Brain Duscha, you only have to walk 12 miles per week to keep your heart health maintained, and also it will help to improve your heart and overall body’s health.

For the main weight loss goal, one may increase these miles per week to achieve more visible results in less time.

But there’s no specific answer for such searched questions as how many miles should I walk a day and how many steps are there in a mile because there isn’t any formula to calculate the exact figure for that (trusted source).

It’s just that no amount of walking is too much and walking has bundles countless benefits.

Walking alone or walking with someone

Walking is somehow part of our lives but walking properly by taking out time during any hour of the day is quite relaxing and could be counted as a safe care parameter, who doesn’t need a companion during the walk?

Often people like walking with their dogs and also with their friends or parents etc which turns their weight loss journey into a joyful quality time.

Yet from a very rough calculation, you may get help.

Where 1 pound = 3500 calories, which makes 70000 calories in 20 pounds that you need to burn which is huge and cannot be burned overnight.

Make a schedule or practice burning 500 calories by walking 5 miles per day which makes 3500 calories per week and 70000 calories in 20 weeks.


Weight loss is yet another very struggling phase through which many people go through, Walking is the easiest way through which you can lose weight and improve your health with.

It can help you lose around 20 pounds of weight in just 20 weeks, you just need to be more persistent and aim to achieve.

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James Moore
James Moore
James is co-founder of He works as a fitness trainer and nutrition specialist. His main mission is to inspire people to relentlessly pursue their sport goals. He believes staying in shape has an overall positive effect on body, mind, and spirit.

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