Bretman Rock Workout Routine

Bretman rock is a 23 year old guy. He is an artist, TikToker, Youtuber, influencer, and gay. He has millions of followers and is very famous among youngsters because of his makeup and humorous nature. Instead of this, he is also famous for his stunning physique, and his fans are interested to know Bretman’s rock workouts. Keep reading this article if you are also curious about his secret workouts routine and how much time does it take to do that workout. He has also shared his workout routine on YouTube. While sharing this workout routine he said I am not a professional trainer but still I know because he is used to do this from a long time.

Bretman rock abs workout:

Bretman’s abs workout is 8 minutes long and quite suitable for busy people. So, you have no excuse to say “I am busy”.

Abs workout routine proves helpful in building a sturdy core, and it may build six-pack muscles. The core strength is essential for maintaining balance and blood circulation. Instead, this abs workout helps us strengthen the posters and reduces lower back pain. If you are tired of push-ups and sit-ups and some other workout experiences and want to try some new and healthy workouts, you can try Bretman rock abs workout. Bretman rock abs workout is also known as “Bretman rock absolutely not workout.”

Does Bretman rock absolutely not workout works?

Yes, Bretman rock absolutely not workout works wonder. According to the studies, you can improve your core stability within just four weeks by Bretman rock workout. It can improve your posters and reduce back pain. So, the bretman abs workout not only keeps you fit but also adds up to your beauty.

How to do a Bretman rock abs workout?

This workout consists of 3 rounds within three moves. And after that, you can relax for just 30 seconds twice during the whole 8 minute workout. Bretman has uploaded the complete video guide for this workout, and you can watch that. So, here is how you can do this. You have to follow the following steps.

  • Crunch with 20 reps and V-sit crunch for 40 reps.
  • 60-sec plank and rest for 30 sec.
  • Plank hip-dip with 20-reps
  • Forty reps for mountain climbers.
  • 60 reps scissors
  • Reverse crunch with 40 reps
  • 40 reps for Toe touch crunch
  • Hold hollow body for 60 seconds.

Crunch: 20 reps

For this lay down, bend your knees and keep your feet flat. Held your head with your hands and contract your abs. Lift up and slowly move your back down. One rep is complete.

V sit: 40 reps

Sit in V-position and keep your palm flat on your floor. Extend your legs and move your torso back. Fold yourself, so your knees touch your chest, and then lean back. And lift your hands.

60-sec plank:

Sit in a push-up position, and lower the elbows. Keep your belly covered into your spines and make a line from your head to the heels.

30-sec rest

Rest for 30-sec after 60-sec plank

Hip-dip for 60-sec

Sit in plank position and twist your pelvis; try to touch the floor with your right hip and then turn to the left hip. One rep is complete. Repeat it 60 times.

Mountain climber: 40 reps

For this bretman rock abs workout, fix your position in a push-up position, and then radially move your knee back towards the chest but make sure your leg is not touching the floor. Do this for both knees. Do 40 such reps.

Scissor: 60 reps

Lay back and keep your palm on the floor. By engaging your abs to lift your legs and keep your back flat on the floor you can do it properly. Move your leg down without touching the ground and pick it up again.

Take a rest for 30 seconds

Reverse crunch: 20 reps

Lay back and keep your legs in a tabletop position. Take a breath that will lift your hips from the floor and move your legs back to your chest. Breathe out.

40 reps for Toe touch crunch

Keep your back flat, and move the legs up straight. Crunch your abs and outstretch your arms and touch your toes.

6-inch hold: 60-seconds

Lay back on the floor, keep your legs together and move them up. Then lift your head from the floor.


Although this work is not much time taking but it is so intense. 30-second rest is not enough.

Doing such a tough work out with almost no rest is very challenging. This is not much challenging.

But still it’s hard to do so many crunches. Hip, dip, scissors, and Hollow body for 60 seconds are all very challenging steps. Most people skip trying this workout because it’s tough to do this every day without any gap through the week. You’ll observe your abs on fire, and it seems your body starts screaming from the very first days.

But if you want to look good and build a handsome physique, you must adopt all the bretman rock abs workout instructions.


It will not work in a day or week. It will take at least four weeks to show results. And you will see noticeable results after following the bretman rock absolutely not work out.

You can gain core stability and reduce back pain by following this workout. Your posture can also improve and build abdominal muscles. It melts the abs and is very good for those people who need less time but quick results. It will take just 8 minutes to complete this whole workout.

The major perk of this workout is that you do it in your home without any equipment and while staying at your home. You don’t need to go to the gym every day. You can do this all while sitting in your home within just 8 minutes whenever you are free in the morning. You don’t need a special trainer to follow all these instructions. Just go to YouTube and visit Bretman Rock’s workout routine. 

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