Fireman Carry: A Comprehensive Guide

As firefighters, one of the most important skills to master is the fireman carry. This technique allows firefighters to safely and efficiently transport an injured or incapacitated individual out of a burning building or other dangerous situation.


What is the Fireman’s Carry?

This is a technique used by firefighters and first responders to evacuate individuals from dangerous situations.

The fireman’s carry is a method of carrying a person over one’s shoulders.

Basically, It is a quick, easy, and safe way for one person to move another person in an emergency.

Let’s explore what this technique looks like, how to perform it, and some of its variations.

The person being carried is facing forward, with their legs hanging down in front of the carrier and their arms draped over the carrier’s shoulders.

This technique is also known as the “firefighter’s carry” or “fireman’s lift“.

How to Perform the Fireman Carry

The Fireman’s carry is a type of carry or evacuation technique used by first responders to easily move someone who is unable to walk or stand on their own.

This can be due to injury or illness, or simply because they are too large for an individual to lift or support them.

Fireman carry involves the rescuer draping the person across both shoulders with their legs dangling in front of them.

The rescuer then carries the person away from danger while keeping their hands free and supporting the weight with their shoulders and back.

To properly perform the fireman’s carry, the rescuer must first approach the person they will be carrying.

They should kneel down beside the person, facing the same direction as the person they will be carrying (trusted source).

Using this technique requires practice and knowledge of how it works.

Here are some tips that will help you perform it successfully:

  1. Place one arm under the person’s knees and the other arm under their shoulders.
  2. Stand up, lifting the person onto your shoulder.
  3. Support the person’s legs with your arm under their knees and hold them securely against your chest.
  4. Use your free hand to hold the person’s shoulder for additional support.

Safety Precautions

It is important to note that the fireman’s carry should only be used in emergency situations and when the person being carried is unable to walk on their own.

This technique should always prioritize safety above all else.

Both yours and that of the individual you are trying to evacuate from danger.

When practicing this technique, ensure that you have enough space for maneuverability.

Avoid tight spaces if possible as they may make it difficult to execute safely due to limited room for movement when carrying someone on your shoulders.

Additionally, always keep one arm wrapped around their waist securely while moving through higher-risk areas such as staircases or congested hallways where falls may occur more easily if not done with caution.

Additionally, the person being carried should be assessed for any injuries that may be exacerbated by the technique.

It is also important for the rescuer to have proper training and to use proper body mechanics to avoid injury to themselves and the person they are carrying.

Variations of the Fireman’s Carry

There are several variations of the fireman’s carry that can be used depending on the situation and the person being carried.

  • Two-person carry: This method is used when the person being carried is larger or heavier than the rescuer can safely handle alone.
  • Stair carry: This method is used when the person needs to be carried up or down a flight of stairs.
  • Chair carry: This method is used when the person is unable to stand or walk and needs to be carried in a sitting position.

This technique is also used in wrestling:

Fireman Carry – Recap

The fireman’s carry is an effective way for one person to evacuate another quickly in an emergency situation.

Especially when there isn’t enough time for two people working together via traditional stretcher methods such as hoisting or dragging techniques.

As long as safety measures such as proper positioning, body mechanics usage, and support are taken into account, this method can provide rapid yet secure evacuation when time is limited.

With some practice, you can master this useful tool that may come in handy during critical moments!


The fireman’s carry is a crucial skill for firefighters to master.

It allows them to safely and efficiently transport an injured or incapacitated individual out of a burning building or other dangerous situation.

It is important for firefighters to have proper training and to use proper body mechanics to avoid injury to themselves and the person they are carrying.

Additionally, variations of the fireman’s carry can be used depending on the situation and the person being carried.

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